How to Stop Ringworm From Spreading

Ringworm, also known as “Tinea” is basically an infection which is a type of fungus. Ringworm is usually a brown bumpy and scaly patch of skin that appears on any part of the body including scalp, feet and nails etc, and causes discomfort and itching. This infection sometimes becomes alarming as it is highly contagious and easily spreads from one person to another with the touch of body and also with sharing of clothes and towel. However, ringworm is easily treatable and can be prevented from further spreading by taking some appropriate measures.

Many people usually have ringworm but they get rid of it by taking antifungal medication which is the most appropriate treatment. However, there are also many people who are caught by this infection for the first time and do not know how to get rid of it immediately. Such people also cause spreading of this infection in an unintentional way. If you are also having the same problem and want to know how to deal with it, then you can take basic guidance from this post.


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    First of all, you should make sure that your infection is in fact ringworm. It is quite essential because sometimes people misjudge their infection, which is something else, and start thinking that it is ringworm. So, consult your family doctor or any other dermatologist to identify whether you have ringworm or not.

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    Ringworm spreads easily by sharing the same clothing or towels as it is highly contagious. Make sure that nobody uses your clothing and towel if you have this infection.

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    Doctors usually recommend the use of antifungal ointment including clotrimazole or Lamisil. You should gently rub these antifungal ointments on the infected area which will help in getting rid of it.

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    If you have ringworm on your scalp, then you should use a shampoo that contains Pyrithione zinc, which will help in treating the ringworm effectively.

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    You can also use topical antifungal ointments which help in clearing up the ringworm in less than a week. But you should continue using these antifungal ointments for at least two weeks in order to get best results.

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    You can prevent yourself from ringworm by not sharing your clothing, towel, bed sheets, sports equipment and razors with other people because all these things make you vulnerable to get infected with ringworm.

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