How to Stop Students from Skipping Class

If you are a teacher or an administrator in a school, college or university and are concerned about your students who are skipping a lot of classes, you will have to take some essential steps to ensure the discipline of your institute. You don’t have to take any drastic measures regarding the attendance of your students but trying to understand the root causes of their absenteeism or bunking is a smarter approach. Then, take the necessary action to encourage students to take all their classes so as to secure their future and not fall behind.


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    Understand reasons for skipping classes

    First, you have to understand the reasons behind your students skipping classes so that you can make a plan to improve their attendance. Most students skip classes because they don’t take studies as important as they should. Furthermore, some students skip classes because they don’t find the courses interesting. In addition, few students skip classes because of psychological issues like social or performance anxiety, bullying, separation anxiety, mood disorders, depression, low self esteem, oppositional defiant disorder, bipolar disorder and in worst cases, alcohol or drug addiction.

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    Be sympathetic

    If you want to stop your students from skipping classes, you must be sympathetic to them. In this way, you will be able to understand their problems in a better way. Moreover, you can win their trust and they can tell you about their problems without hesitation.

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    Create nice environment in the classroom

    Usually, students skip classes because they don’t like the environment of the classroom. This can include the overall outlook and behaviour of all the students. Therefore, you must keep your classrooms clean and maintain the decorum so that the students may attend all the classes. In order to make your classroom more beautiful, you can display different paintings, designs or other artwork related to the courses on the walls.

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    Introduce extracurricular activities

    If you are teaching a course which is quite boring for students, you can introduce some extracurricular activities for them so as to create their interest in studies. Introducing these doesn’t mean that you have to hold any kind of competition between students as you want to attract them towards your class by making your course interesting. For instance, if you teach English literature, you can give a task to write an essay on what you like and dislike about the school.

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