College Study Tips

As a new college student many opportunities will be before you. You want to make the most of those opportunities without the sacrifice of your study time. The following tips may help you achieve the grades you want at a fraction of the time.

Consider bringing a lap top to class. The lap top will allow you to type your notes in class to provide ready to read study notes as well as the opportunity to access the notes in the future for reference.

Post-It notes. Who would have thought adding adhesive backing to paper would not only bring much joy but also much success. Use Post-It notes as tabs in your book. You may have open book exams or you may want to mark areas for extra review. Also use Post-it notes for taking notes in class or making notes to yourself on what to ask the teacher or classmate.

Flash cards. Now I know you are in college, so what is with the elementary method?! Flash cards are helpful. Not only do they help you as you write the information down but also once the flash cards are completed, they are very nice for keeping you awake as you study. As you flip the flashcards you are staying more alert. Also you can make piles with the flash cards. For example, cards that you will need reviewed one more time or several more times.

Study partners. Study partners are common in college. This may or may not work for you, depending on the dedication to the subject material. Granted one may have a better grasp on the subject material as the other so one may not get as much out of the session. Though “they” say that if you can teach someone else the class material, then you will find yourself ready for the exam.

Turn up the music. Think about how many words you can recall because they are the lyrics to a song. So put your study material to song.

Short term memory versus long term memory. Study a little bit every day so that you are placing the material in the long term memory. This is helpful because it cuts down on cram time near the exam.

Answer the questions at the end of the chapter/section. Many teachers may not assign chapter review questions but many teachers will place on a test depending on the subject of study.

It is your turn now to put these steps to the TEST.

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