How to Stop Sweating At Night

There are a lot of things that you can do to stop sweating at night and prevent yourself from waking up all wet. There are distinct medical conditions that results in night sweats and should be cured by a physician. On the other hand, night sweats are also caused by something simple and non-medical. There are a number of ways that you can go through to try and relieve your night sweats forever if the sweating is not the result of a certain condition or illness.


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    Lose the extra blankets

    Restrict the number of blankets that you sleep with. A lot of blankets will make your body hold an unneeded amount of heat during the course of the night which in turn will cause more sweating than usual. Make sure you try sleeping with the least amount of blankets that you need to stay warm.

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    Maintain a certain room temperature

    Remember to keep the temperature of the room cool. If your room is unbearably hot you will obviously wind up sweating during the night because of an increased body temperature than the normal. Take out time and close a couple of the vents in the room in order to reduce the heat or you can just lower the temperature of the furnace in your home.

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    Wear minimal clothes when you sleep

    Try to avoid wearing extra layers of clothes when you go to bed. Some people feel better by wearing lots of clothes in bed. However, layers or extra padding can sustain a lot of body heat and help increase extra sweating throughout the night. As a result of this, you should wear light and warm clothes to bed so that your body can vent out the hot temperature during the course of the night.

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    Choosing the bed sheets

    You need to prefer breathable sheets on your bed. Plastic mattress or allergen barriers protectors help protect your mattress to a great extent but suffocate your skin to breathe when it is pressed against it. Place a set of cotton sheets on your bed and avoid using any layers or barriers under them that might attach to your skin while you sleep.

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    Make sure you calm your nerves and do not stress due to tensions in your life. Sometimes night sweats are the result of prolonged anxiety and stress. Therefore, it is crucial to stay stress free and worry free whenever you can.

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