How to Straighten Teeth in Photoshop

If you possess out of shape teeth or teeth with unneeded gaps, but you wish to flaunt a mesmerizing smile in a picture then you can always edit the photo in Photoshop. Remember there is no need to spend tons of cash on orthodontics, if you can only straighten your teeth in Photoshop. As a result of this, be confident and try this easy and cheap alternative to look dazzling in the picture. We all know that good teeth are required in order to smile freely and at the same time capture that moment. There are a number of ways to straighten teeth in Photoshop with good effect.


  • 1

    Enlarge the photograph

    Scan your picture at full resolution to extract as much details as it allows. Make sure you enlarge the photo by 300 to 400 percent for finer detail. On the other hand, you can also try to increase the pixels per inch to around 200 to 300. After that, access the digital image file and zoom in on your teeth by selecting “Zoom In” from the Edit drop down option. Fill out all the gaps between your teeth before you Photoshop the image. Select the “Magnetic Lasso Tool” and move the cursor around the corners of the teeth and gums to the left of the gap in order for the area to mark the bridge. If the tool chooses more than you desire, use the tool options to make the tolerance lower than it is at the time.

  • 2

    Move it to a new layer

    Press the “Command/Control” and “J” keys to move the selection to a new layer. You can also make use of the layers palette to and name it “Left Bridge”. Choose the bridge to the right side of the gap and copy it to “Right Bridge”. Then hold the left bridge layer and press the “Command/Control” and “T” keys to access the Free Transform tool. When this is done, slowly move the center right bounding to extend the selection around halfway toward the right bridge. Remember to finish the gap between your teeth by using Free Transform as you align them perfectly.

  • 3

    Fix the unwanted teeth

    Choose and amend the damaged teeth one by one. When you select every tooth, press “Command/Control” and “T” keys to load the Free Transform option. Grab the cursor at a corner until a curved arrow appears and rotate it to make it straight.

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