How to Stretch a Canvas Print

In today’s modern world, technology has provided one with several benefits. Printing of photos and artwork on a canvas has been one of the benefits that have provided the artist further feel to his/her work.

However, there are several people still that prefer stretching a canvas print to fit it to the frame, a technique that was used before the introduction of digital technology. Many believe that stretching a printed canvas is technically a difficult task. However, in reality, it is only a matter of pulling, grabbing and stapling the printed canvas to the frame, and is not that difficult.

Things Required:

– Stretcher Frame
– Printer canvas
– Measuring tape
– Handheld staple gun
– Staples
– Stretcher pliers (optional)


  • 1

    Measure the printed canvas to determine the size of the stretcher frame that will be needed. Make sure that you take the stretcher frame that is around 3 inches shorter from each side of the original printed canvas.

  • 2

    Now place the canvas out at a solid but plain surface, and then place the stretcher at the top of it. Make sure that you place it right at the centre. Now by using your hands, fold one side of the canvas and staple it from the centre. Pull the opposite side of the canvas, making sure that you pull it as tightly as you can, and then staple it from the centre.

  • 3

    Repeat the process to the remaining sides as well.

  • 4

    Once you have placed a staple at the centre of all sides, return to the first side you stapled, and pull it tightly by grabbing it. Once you are certain that you have pulled it tightly, staple it around 2 inches to the right. Pull it again, and now staple around 2 inches to the left.

  • 5

    Repeat the process on all the remaining sides of the canvas.

  • 6

    Once you are done stapling all the sides, pull one of the corner flaps tightly. Fold it over, and place a staple. Repeat the process at all the remaining flaps as well. Make sure that you have folded it after tightly pulling the flaps.

  • 7

    Now turn the canvas print over, and closely check for any crease or sags. If you have stapled all the sides and flaps by pulling tightly, then it is unlikely that there will be any. However, if you do find one, then adjust accordingly by pulling out the staple from that side, and repeating the process.

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