How to Take the GMAT Exam

To attend a business school, GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test, is usually a requirement. It has become one of the most universally accepted tests in institutions around the world, where an MBA program is offered, because of its ability to check the readiness of a prospective management student.

Another aspect as to why the GMAT is so important is because it provides a level playing field for all students to be judged on the same platform.


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    GMAT Testing Centre

    Prior to taking the GMAT exam, you should find out where the nearest testing centre is according to your locality. Most places around the world will have one in major cities and even in smaller areas where the demand is high. It could also require you to travel for your exam, based on where you live. This information can be easily found out by visiting after registering for free.

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    Testing Fee

    The testing fee for the GMAT exam is mostly the same around the world. Most recently, the cost of the examination was $250, which excludes any tuition or preparation fee for the examination. Depending on where you have received your undergraduate degree from, you may also be eligible for a fee waiver, the information about which can be found out from your admissions officer.

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    Even the best of students may find GMAT hard because it is a test that cannot be taken just by reading some books. Practical implementation is required and that too, through logical problem solving. GMAT is not an examination of students answering simple questions, but actually using their logical abilities to pick out the best answer and working it out in the shortest amount of time possible.

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    Take the Test

    After you have prepared for the examination and have gotten a date from the testing center, go there and take the test. The test is a computer-administered one, which will notify you of passing or failing as soon as you complete it. If you would like to take the GMAT exam again, find out through the testing center when that would be possible. It is important to remember that when taking GMAT again, you will have to pay the fee for a second time.

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