What Is a GSM Phone And How Does It Work

Gone are the days when people used to write letters just to deliver just one-sentence message to their relatives or friends. Technology has changed almost everything. Especially the recent progress in the field of communication has made a huge impact on the living style of an individual.

After Graham Bell’s invention, the scientists continued to improve things. And now they have managed to create GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications, originally Groupe Spécial Mobile) technology.

GSM, a standard set for describing the protocols for second generation (2G), was developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. These days, the digital cellular networks use this technology for mobile phones.

When the analog cellular network, also known as first generation (1G), was replacement by the digital networks, the mobile industry took a massive boost. Things continued to develop, as the IT experts created 3G and 4G afterwards.


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    GSM Standards

    A mobile that works with the Global System for Mobile communications is called a GSM phone. According to the GSM association, more than 80 percent of mobiles phones are using the GSM standard these days.

    GSM can be termed simply as a network that the mobile phone uses. Each area may have a different network. In simple words, a GSM phone does not work if the area has no GSM network.

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    GSM Network

    GSM, a cellular network, is a digital network that consists of cells. The entire procedure involves more than many things. An elevated tower generates signals that are eventually received by the mobile phone.

    The towers are also called as base stations or Base Transceiver Stations. The size of each cell depends entirely on the coverage area that it has designed for. There are five kinds of cells, and the one that is used by the GSM mobile phones is called a macro.

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    Subscriber Identity Module (SIM)

    SIM is another very important feature of a GSM phone. A small chip, containing subscription profile and address book, guides the cell phone to catch signals of one particular network. It is possible to lock the phone from accepting any other SIM card.

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    Using A GSM Phone

    The functioning of a GSM phone is very simple. It must have a SIM card, and should be connected to a base station. Once the user turns the device on, it starts searching for the signals. A base station can transmit signals to 25 miles, but the figures could change dramatically in the populated areas.

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