How to Talk To Your Doctor about Medical Marijuana

Indeed it sounds very intimidating and awkward talking to your doctor about the medical usage of marijuana, a drug that has become a very common trend among people these days. However, what many people fail to realise is the fact that although this herb gets you high and promises happy times, it also serves the purpose of a medicine that no synthetic drug can do so efficiently.

Physicians all over the world are a dab hand when it comes to traditional ways of treatment but upon the sound of the word marijuana, most of them go bonkers as if you have asked them for coke. However, it is better to make them understand.


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    If your doctor is not very comfortable in talking about weed or drugs, it’s better that you seek help of organisations such as the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association. Their website will provide you with medical studies which prove that marijuana is great for many patients especially those who have chronic pain.

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    If someone has a debilitating medical condition, he or she can use a minute amount of marijuana on a daily basis.

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    The same goes for people suffering from cancer, glaucoma and other diseases.

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    According to a lot of scientific researches, marijuana is of great therapeutic importance especially for THC, pain relief, nausea and vomiting control and appetite stimulation.

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    If you have a serious trouble eating, it is better to discuss with your doctor, the use of marijuana as this drug will stimulate your appetite. However, stimulation of your appetite depends on you. There are some people who need to smoke a lot of this drug in order to get really hungry while others don’t require it in huge amounts.

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    Depression is a serious condition and many people don’t know a way out of it despite going to the best doctors and physicians. Talk to your physician about using marijuana as an alternative and ask him to research on it. He is surely going to see sense in it and will prescribe you to use this drug in order to take you in a different state of mind which is very important for people who are suffering from chronic depression.

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    It is better to use the whole plant instead of the marijuana pill. The pill is simply useless and most of the doctors know it. The plant on the other hand, has a lot of health benefits and it is not that expensive unlike pills.

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