How to Teach Someone to Juggle

Over the years, juggling, which is more of a physical skill, has become a proper mode of entertainment. Repeating a certain sequence for a certain period of time is what a juggler is required to do. Fortunately, mastering juggling is a quite simple task. The only basic requirements are continuous practice and determination. Once the basic patterns have been mastered, one can move on to more complex juggling patterns. As a matter of fact, there are no defined rules for juggling as long as the objects being juggled continue to move in and put of the jugglers hand without falling to the ground.

Things Required:

– Juggling Balls


  • 1

    Instruct the person who is learning to juggle to hold a ball or any other small object in the dominant hand. The ball  should be tossed in an arc, roughly about the eye level so that head does not have to be rotated upwards in order to see the ball. Upon its return, the ball is to be caught with the non dominant hand.

  • 2

    Make your student hold identical balls, one in each hand. The ball in the dominant hand needs to be thrown towards the non dominant hand in an arc. While that ball is in mid-air, throw the ball in the non dominant hand towards the dominant hand in an arc.

  • 3

    Practice the previous step for as long as required. Be sure your student is comfortable juggling with 2 balls before you teach him/her to juggle with 3.

  • 4

    Increase the number juggling balls to 3. Two balls would need to be held in the dominant hand whereas the third ball  should be in the non dominant hand.

    Instruct your student to throw one ball from the dominant hand towards the non dominant hand in an arc. While the first ball you tossed is in mid-air, throw the ball in the non dominant hand towards the dominant hand; in an arc as before. While the second ball is midway through the arc, throw the second ball in your dominant hand towards the non dominant hand. With swift repetition of the aforesaid technique, your student would be juggling.

  • 5

    Instruct your student to stand still while practising juggling. Pioneer jugglers often tend of move continually while juggling. To help prevent movement while juggling, instruct your student to against a wall or a bed.

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