How to Test Internet Connection Speed

The internet connection speed that your internet service provider claims to provide is not the one that you actually get. That is the reason why internet service providers add “Up To” before the speed they claim to provide. This means that the advertised speeds are the highest thresholds. So, what is the actual internet speed that you get in different hours of the day? To check that, you can get help from different online speed check tools available, which help in identifying the download and upload speed of your internet connection at a specified time.


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    First of all, you need to close all the applications that use internet speed, in order to get accurate results about the speed of internet you are getting.

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    Open your web browser and search for the websites that offer internet speed test tools. You can use any search engine for that purpose.

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    Different websites will show different results for your internet connection speed. Therefore, you should try to open different websites and test the speed, in order to get the mean value.

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    If you are having difficulty in finding an authentic website to test your internet connection speed, then you can use McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer and to do so. The respective techniques are given in step 5 and 6.

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    Checking internet connection speed with McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer

    Navigate to McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer’s website. At the bottom of the page, you will find “Click here to Test Now” text link. Click on it to start testing your internet connection download speed.

    After the speed test is finished, you can view the results in the speedometer present at the right side of the webpage. McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer does not admit the internet speed that is above 2 Mbps.

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    Checking internet connection speed with

    Write in your web browser’s address bar and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Wait for the webpage to load. You will see a map on the screen, identifying your location and your IP address. The triangle present at the centre of the map shows your accurate location.

    Click the “Begin Test” button, and wait for the test results to appear on your screen. Once the test is completed, you will see your internet connection’s download speed, as well as your upload speed. The download speed is usually faster than your internet connection’s upload speed.

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