How to Tour Venice in Two Days

Venice is one of the most wonderful cities in the world. It is famous for its unique setting, architectures and beautiful artworks. It is considered as the finest tourist attraction in Europe and a great number of visitors go there every year. Moreover, you can easily travel in the city of your foot and amazing water ride. The water ride in Venice gives you an experience of a lifetime and it really makes your trip more memorable.

If you are looking forward to take a two-day tour of Venice, you can see the whole city if you follow the instructions given in the following steps.


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    First of all, you should make half a day tour plan in Venice. Visit the Sestiere di San Marco which is an area where the famous St. Mark’s Square is situated. You will find the St. Mark’s Basilica when you will go into the grand open plaza. Moreover, you will also see the mosaics and ancient Romanesque carvings. You will also find the renowned four gilded bronze horses which are being displayed at the top of the entrance. When you will enter the Basilica, you will see an amazing interior consisting on some incredible artwork. In addition, you must also see the bell tower and the Correr Museum in the square for which you may require time permits.

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    Then, you will cross the Bridge of Sighs to reach the Doge’s Palace. The palace is quite an old but an amazing architecture. Explore the palace on your own and you will see some magnificent things which mainly include the apartments and the unique staircases. In addition, you will also see the prison cells where they used to keep the prisoners.

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    After supper, you should go back to the St. Mark’s Square to enjoy the musical evening. You can have coffee, tea, gelato or any other drink from the cafes in the square.

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    On day two, take a start from the Accademia Museum. It is one of the most amazing museums in the world. You should try to get there as soon as possible because it is full of visitors and only 300 visitors are allowed at a time. You can see the work of some exemplary painters in the museum. You can also do shopping in Venice.

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    You can make your tour memorable by ending your second day riding down the Grand Canal.

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