How to Travel from London to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a famous and historic city of Scotland in United Kingdom. Edinburgh’s art galleries, museums and various other historic landmarks exhibit the glorious history of this city. It is separated by a distance of 386 miles (M1) and 404 miles (M6) on road. If you want to travel form London to Edinburgh then you can get there by car, bus, train or by air. You may pick any of these modes of transport depending upon your preference or choice to either save time or save money. Travelling by air will be costly but it would take least time, while other modes of transport will take more time despite being comparatively economical.


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    Travel By Car

    Three routes are available if you want to travel to Edinburgh by car. M6, M40+ M6 and M1 are the Highway routes available to provide travel facility from London to Edinburgh. If you take M6 route then it would take 6 hours and 56 minutes to cover the distance of 404 miles between the two cities. However, If you wish to have a look at the route map then follow the link Driving Directions from London to Edinburgh.

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    Travel by Bus

    If you prefer bus or coach then it would take you around 10 hours to get there. The ticket costs also varies between 10 GBP to 66 GBP. To plan your journey you may visit the website of National Express.

    Visit NationalExpress Website

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    Travel by Train

    Train is a convenient mean to travel from London to Edinburgh. It may take 4 hours 50 minutes to 5 hours 10 minutes approximately and would cost between 120.4 GBP to 152 GBP. Several trains leave everyday for Edinburgh. If you want to plan your journey via train then visit Transport Direct or National Rail websites.

    Visit Transport Direct Website
    Visit National Rail Website

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    Travel By Air

    Air travel is another way to travel from London to Edinburgh. The air ticket cost varies from company to company and from season to season. You may get the exact time and cost of trip, even can also plan your journey accordingly through one of the several air ticketing agencies or air travel companies, which you can find from Cheapflights or Expedia websites.

    Visit Cheapflights Website
    Visit  Expedia Website

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