How to Treat an Infant’s Mongolian Spot

Mongolian spots are the dark coloured marks on an infant at the time of birth. These marks are usually dark blue, dark grey or dark brown in colour and are mostly found on children with African or Asian descent. These markings do not need any treatment and usually fade away with the passage of time. They disappear at the time of puberty of the child but in rare cases stay for a longer period of time on some adults. You must maintain proper medical records of the child and keep documentation related to the health of the infant to avoid any misconception.


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    Determine the spot

    It is very important to determine whether the mark on the infant is a Mongolian spot or not. You may confuse it with a bruise or some other mark. Mongolian spots are usually dark brown, dark gray or blue in colour and are flat. They are usually found on the lower back, buttocks, shoulders or legs of the children. The range of the spot can be from small to a relatively large area.

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    The spot will fade over time

    You need to know that there is no need for treatment of the spot as it will fade over the period of time. It may take a few years and the spot will be gone until the child reaches puberty. There are only some cases when they remain even after that age.

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    Health factors

    The Mongolian spots do not carry any risks or complications for the child. They are only birthmarks and should not be associated with any disease. There is also a huge misconception that the Mongolian spots are a factor behind cancer. It is not the case and the marks are not in any way related to any illness in the future life of the child.

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    Get proper record

    You need to keep a proper record of the Mongolian spot at the time of the birth of the child. They can easily be associated with bruises and you may be accused of child abuse. So, you must have proper documentation in this case and maintain the infant’s health records.

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