How to Tune Up a Lawn Mower

Tuning up your lawn mover in every spring is a very smart idea. It cuts back on the energy costs and extends the machine’s life. This yearly attention to the mower reduces emissions and save you from any big repair costs. The process is really simple and rewards you with an efficient lawn mower in the end. Spend some time on your mower and enjoy great performance the whole year. There are some basic maintenance tasks that you should perform. They are highlighted in the guide below.

Things required:

– New air filter
– Screwdriver
– 10W-30 motor oil
– Fresh Gas
– Funnel
– New Spark Plug
– Spark Plug Wrench or Socket


  • 1

    Change air filter:

    Get a new air filter for your mower of the exact same style as the old one. It is preferable that you change your filter every year. Open up the cover that holds the air filter with screws, install the new filter and screw back.

  • 2

    Replace the blade:

    Use a screw driver to open up the blade of your mower. Take it to a home store and get the exact replacement. Bring it back to replace the old one. A new blade will get you visibly better results at mowing.

  • 3

    Change oil:

    Run the engine for a while to get the oil warm so that it runs off easily. Open the drain plug and let the oil run out into an a waste can. Drain all the oil and than refill with new oil.

  • 4

    Change gas:

    Open up the gas cap. Drain out the gas into a container. Refill with new gas and screw back the cap.

  • 5

    Spark plug:

    Remove the old spark plug. If it is rusted, use a penetrating lubricant try again after some time. Pull it off with a spark plug wrench or deep socket. Install the new plug by turning it with your hand. Remember the new spark plug should be of the same model as the old one.

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