How to Use a Spiriva Inhaler

Used as a maintenance medicine for people suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a Spiriva inhaler, if used daily, helps patients breathe easily for around 24 hours, by opening up the narrowed airways in the lungs, and improving their function. It does not have immediate effects, and it takes nearly a week for patients to get used to the medication – however, regular usage over time can show a marked improvement in breathing.


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    To begin, open up the Spiriva inhaler – to do this, simply press the green button on the side, which will open up the dust cap. Pull this cap upwards to reveal the mouthpiece of the inhaler. Use a piece of clean cloth or tissue to wipe the mouthpiece, for hygiene purposes.

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    Next, look for the blister card that comes as a part of the package with the Spiriva inhaler. Take one capsule out of this, and make sure you do not ingest this – the contents of this capsule are meant for inhaling purposes alone, and it will not prove effective if swallowed, or used in any other way.

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    Now, insert this capsule into the inhaler’s centre chamber, and then close the inhaler – when you hear a click, you will know that it is properly closed and ready for use. Now, in order to release the contents of the capsule, press the green piercing button once – this will puncture holes in the capsule, so that you can inhale the contents.

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    Then, holding the inhaler firmly by the gray base, close your lips around the mouthpiece – do so tightly, so that none of the medication leaks out. Now, breathe in deeply and slowly, until your lungs are completely full – as you breathe in, you should be able to hear or feel the inhaler vibrate.

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    Once you have breathed in and filled your lungs, remove the inhaler from your mouth and hold your breath – keep holding it for as long as is comfortable. When you can hold it no longer, slowly exhale, and then resume your normal breathing pattern.

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