Candidates for Immortality

If we could challenge Leonardo da Vinci, his answer would most likely be, “I can paint that.” If we could challenge Ludvig von Beethoven, his answer will most likely be, “I can compose that.” If we challenged the greatest minds in modern medicine and technology today, what would their answer be? Look at the world around you and shuttered in awe at the possibility.

Biologically, immortality is just a matter cloning. The exact reproduction of your loved one could be grown with a viable DNA strand. But true immortality remains slightly beyond reach, but only slightly. In fact, we’re ambitious enough to discuss with confidence the possibilities of immortality from a scientific standpoint. So the question that we must ask ourselves when discussing immortality is, “Who deserves to live forever?”

Innovative contributors to mankind

Obviously, with our world human population fast approaching 7 billion, immortality is not a viable opportunity for the masses. It would stand to reason that those chosen for immortality should be those with the most to offer mankind from their continued survival. Innovative thinkers that have already contributed to the benefit of mankind during the course of their natural life span would only continue to do so across many lifetimes.

Leaders of diplomacy and the pursuit of peace

Unfortunately, candidates for immortality in the field of diplomacy and world peace are very rare throughout our entire history. Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King were taken before their time as respective candidates for immortality. Extraordinary people such as these were trusted and beloved among the world society. Sadly their lives ended long before the struggles they impacted were resolved. What would the face of the world be if these people were alive today?

Leaders of technological and medical advancement

Many of these candidates would be the ones actively involved in discovering the secret of immortality itself. It goes without question to say they should be on the list. Given the amazing achievements these innovative thinkers accomplished in one lifetime we can only imagine what they could contribute over the course of many lifetimes.

The list of viable candidates for immortality would be extensive. To consider anyone other than someone who would genuinely benefit mankind as a whole could pose another problem of its own. As we peer down into the Pandora’s Box at this shiny spark of immortality, we would be foolish not to believe this gift bears within it the potential for our own extinction.

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