How to Use a Teleprompter

Have you ever wondered how newscasters utter such descriptive sentences in one breath? Well, they do not. They use a teleprompter which shows them what to say. A teleprompter is a device used by newscasters to read the news while they are on the camera. They have to do it in a way that it does not get obvious for the viewers that they are watching and speaking. Behind the curtains, there is a teleprompter operator who is controlling the flow of words while the newscaster is reading it.


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    To start with, you need to build up your vocabulary to an extent where you can read fluently. If your vocabulary is weak, you will not be able to read on the teleprompter the way newscasters do.

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    Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself a story from a piece of paper. Put this paper down, look yourself in the mirror and remember the story you read. You need to speak it out in the mirror to get an idea of how you will be looking in front of the camera. Also, this exercise will help you figure how much you can remember in case the teleprompter is too fast for you.

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    Work on your vocals. You need to learn to speak slowly, utilising a natural rhythm so that it does not seem awkward. When you are reading too swiftly without any expressions or feeling, it becomes obvious that you are reading and not actually speaking.

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    Always read the information beforehand. This helps you in remembering the summary of the story. In case, the teleprompter goes too fast and you are unable to catch up with it, at least you will be able to cover it up since you will already know the crux of the story.

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    Never ever strain to see words. You should wear spectacles if your eyesight is weak. By straining, you will give an impression that you are reading.

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    Develop a quick understanding of words and sentences. Remember, the words will just appear in front of you for a few seconds. During these few seconds, you will have to pick up the story and summarize it as well as speak it out.

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