How to Use Ametrine Energy

If you are looking to use ametrine energy, you will be glad to know that the steps involved are extremely simple. Essentially, citrine and amethyst are combined to form ametrine that possess properties of both substances. The purpose of using ametrine energy is to repel negativity. The product is known for its ability to fill your soul with pure white light energy in addition to freeing you from stress, fear and anxiety. It will not be wrong to say that ametrine can help you achieve spirituality. Furthermore, it allows the user to reach a meditative state faster than other similar products.

Things Required:

– Small bag or pouch (optional)
– Ametrine
– Other relevant minerals (optional)


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    As explained before, ametrine is designed to help you attain spirituality. The purple coloured amethyst substance is capable of helping you visualise in a meditative state. Citrine, on the other hand, helps you convert your vision into reality.

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    Research has revealed that ametrine acts as a stone of magic for many people. Frequent travellers take this stone with them wherever they go as they believe that it will help and protect them while they are on the move. It is recommended to keep one stone in each hand to keep negativity away at all times.

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    Consider using the magic stone with sage in order to clear the space that might be filled with anxiety, stress, negativity and tension. If you believe a particular room in your house is causing stress and anxiety then consider placing ametrine stones in all four corners of the room. Close the doors of the room and let the stones sit overnight for best results.

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    Businessman can keep ametrine on their desk or medicine pouch at all times to keep their surroundings clear and calm. Counsellors, lawyers and doctors can also keep their surrounding clam and centred by placing an ametrine stone on their desk or in a drawer.

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    If you have set specific goals and objectives then consider using ametrine at all times as this stone can act as a powerful tool for meditation.

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    You can purchase an ametrine stone from specialty shops or consider placing your order online and have the product delivered to your doorstep.

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