How to Use Baking Soda in the Great Outdoors

Baking soda is a chemical compound that is available as a fine, white powder. It is one of the most versatile chemicals, and is most commonly used to raise baked goods. Since this chemical is alkaline in nature, it is often used to treat heartburn, a medical condition caused by raised levels of acid in the stomach and oesophagus. It is also used for a number of cleaning applications, and can be used on everything from your kitchen utensils to furniture and the bathtub. It is more effective and safe than a number of commercially bought cleaners.


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    Clean resin lawn furniture

    Resin lawn furniture is very delicate and most over-the-counter cleaners are too abrasive to be used on it. Try using baking soda on resin furniture and enjoy a clean, smooth surface. To clean the furniture, wet a sponge with tap water and dip it in a bowl containing baking soda. Gently scrub the furniture with the sponge, using circular motions. Then, rinse well and pat dry.

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    Keep weeds out of cement cracks

    If you want to keep weeds and grasses from growing in the cracks of your concrete driveway or walkway, sprinkle a handful of baking soda on the affected area, and sweep some into the cracks. The sodium present in the baking soda, will discourage the weed growth in the cement cracks.

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    Scour barbecue grills

    Burnt remains of barbecued food are often hard to remove. When trying to scratch the residue from the grills with a sharp tool, people often end up scratching the grills. To make the task easy, try using a soft paste of baking soda dissolved in water. Mix water and baking soda in equal parts and apply the paste to the grill. Allow the baking soda paste to stay on for 12 to 15 minutes and then wipe it off with a dry cloth. In the end, heat the grills over hot coals for 10 to 15 minutes to burn off any remaining food.

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    Use as plant food

    A dilute aqueous solution of baking soda makes a perfect food for alkaline-loving flowering plants, such as delphiniums, dianthus and clematis. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda in two litres of water, and shower your plants occasionally with this solution to enjoy fuller and healthier blooms.

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    Maintain proper pool alkalinity

    Maintaining the alkalinity level of water in a swimming pool is crucial for personal hygiene. While you can always use store bought chemicals to maintain the alkalinity of swimming pools, baking soda is a cheap and effective way to achieve the same results. To raise the alkalinity of the water in your swimming pool by 10 ppm, add about 700 grams of baking soda for every ten thousand gallons of water.

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