How to Use Biore Pore Cleansing Strips

Clogged pores can be a major pain, and if left too long to accumulate more dirt and oil, can result in unpleasant breakouts and stubborn blackheads. In this scenario, Biore Pore Cleansing Strips can be great when it comes to keeping your pores clean and tight, resulting in a fresh, healthy complexion. While many other brands, including Biore, also manufacture pore-cleansing facial washes, cleansing strips are generally twice as effective.


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    Start by purchasing a Pore Cleansing Strips combo pack – this will be available at almost any drugstore, and will contain cleansing strips for both your nose, and the rest of your face. If your local drugstore does not carry these, purchase them online at the Discount Beauty Centre.

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    Before you use the strips, make sure you cleanse your face thoroughly with a regular facial wash. You can also use Biore’s pore cleansing facial wash for this purpose. Once you have washed your face, pat it dry very lightly, making sure the skin stays soft, damp, and moist.

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    Now, open up the pouch, and take out the amount of strips you will need. If you are planning to use them solely on your nose, you will need just one strip, but if you want to apply them to other areas, like your forehead, take out multiple strips.

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    Take the protective cover off the strips, and apply them to the desired area. Do not slap them on roughly – rather, smooth them gently onto the area, making sure there are no creases and the strip has maximum contact with your skin. Make sure your skin is moist when you apply the strips – the dampness will help the strips adhere to your skin.

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    Once the application is done, leave the strips to dry on your face. This should take around 10 minutes, but you can keep checking by gently touching the strip with the tips of your fingers. You will also feel the strip starting to dry, when it begins to tighten on your skin.

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    After the strip has dried completely, peel it off your skin. Do not rip it off, as this will cause extreme pain, redness, and irritation. Instead, gently ease it off – the dirt and blackheads clogging your pores will now be stuck to the strip, having been pulled out of your skin.

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