How to Use Supplements For Weight Gain

Gaining weight requires a person to increase the amount of food he consumes each day to increase calorie and fat intake, while also building muscle through high-intensity workout sessions such as weight lifting.

Increase muscle mass is indeed a desirable way to gain weight as it makes the body even more shapely and attractive. In order to build muscles, a lot of people turn to supplements. It has been claimed by a number of physicians that the overall benefits of supplements exceed the risks that they cause. There are certain things that need to be kept in mind when the option of supplements is chosen for weight gain.


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    Be clear about your weight gain preference

    Before you hit a medical store to buy yourself a range of supplements, you need to decide whether you are aiming to gain lean muscle mass or if you are simply trying to put on extra pounds. Your weight gain preference would help you choose the supplements that are right for the purpose.

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    Consult your physician

    Supplements may be effective in gaining weight, but some of them can have undesirable side-effects, especially if taken for a long period of time. Pay a visit to your physician and share your weight gain preference, along with the supplements that are you are planning to purchase with him. He will be at a position to judge if your preferred supplements are safe for you or not.

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    Prepare a simple supplement programme

    Design a simple supplement regime for basic weight gain. You need to make a plan for taking supplements on daily basis. Be sure to make a balanced programme, with various vitamins along with sources of protein as a part of it.

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    Take multi-vitamin everyday

    An increase in muscle mass results in an increase in overall weight. You can increase your muscle mass by taking a multi-vitamin every day.

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    Increase your daily protein intake

    Proteins are a rich source of amino acids, which the body needs to build and repair muscles. By consuming protein-rich food, you will be providing your body more amino acids, which it will use to build more muscle and thus cause your overall weight to increase. Some examples of protein-rich food include chicken, eggs, fish, etc.

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    Take creatine supplements

    Creatine is known to increase weight and straight. Being a combination of three amino acids, it not only serves as a good source of energy for your body, but also helps in building muscles by drawing water into the cells of the muscles.

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    Take glutamine supplement

    One of the most effective way to build muscle mass is to start high-intensity exercises and lifting weights. However, these put a lot of strain on the muscles and causes muscle fatigue. By taking glutamine supplement, which increases amino acid in the body, you can decrease fatigue.

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