How to Use the Pole Method for Hair Weaving

Nowadays, using hair extensions is one of the popular methods of creating a hairstyle. Hair extensions are excessively used to add length to hair and changing the hairstyle without using complete wigs. In addition to that, many women use them to add highlights and shades to the hairstyle, without applying any chemical to their hairs.

Pole method is one of the methods to use hair extensions and is one of the easiest methods, if one knows the right way of using it. So, if you are planning to go on a special party or just want a change in your hairstyle, you can weave you hair by using the pole method, as it lasts for around six to eight weeks. To apply the pole method, you do not need to be a expert of hair styling. In fact, a little practice can certainly make you a master of it. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to feel the change by having completely a new and good-looking hairstyle.


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    Select hair and thread:

    Apart from the required hair, make sure you have three threads available for each track you will be making. These thread pieces will be used to create the base of the connection from where you will extend your hair. Moreover, collect the right amount of hair to be used and the colour of the threads must be similar to that of your hair. For instance, if you have black hair and you use blonde coloured thread, it will give a weird look when applied.

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    Creating sections of hair and connecting the extensions:

    Create small locks of your hair by dividing them evenly. Using the shorter sections of the thread, create braid or chains of the locks that you created earlier. As a result, you will have a base, or “pole”, in front of you. You can use the base to hang the extensions you have. Using that method, you will save you natural hair from any damage, as the pole method will allow the lock hang against the head.

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    Sew the extension to the pole:

    You can now use curved needles and thread to sew the extension to the pole. Cut off a small piece of thread and use it to tie the pole by wrapping the thread piece around the curved needle. Now slip in the needle where the pole and the thread are joined together. After you are done with placing the needle, lay a track against the pole and wrap tightly the thread around the binding.

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    Repeat the whole process with every lock and when you are done, you will have a completely new look.

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