How to Use the Wii Nunchuk

If there is one thing that Nintendo knows how to do best, it is to understand what the video game fans really want and then deliver exactly that to them. Despite being considered somewhat of an underdog in a market that had the likes of Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 on the shelves, Nintendo’s Wii not only managed to hold its own, but actually went on to make quite an impact.

In order to enhance the gaming experience even further, Nintendo introduced Nunchuk for a variety of Wii games, the most popular of which is Mario Kart. Using a Nunchuk with Wii is quite simple, since keeping things simple for consumers is something that Nintendo has been focusing on for years.


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    The first thing that you need to do is to plug the wire from the Wii Nunchuk into the Wii Remote’s input. You will find the input at the bottom of your Wii Remote. Keep in mind that the Nunchuk is powered by the batteries in your main controller, which is why you should ensure that you have working batteries in it. Otherwise, you will simply find yourself holding a device that will not be functional.

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    Select a Wii game that supports Nunchuk and insert it in your gaming console. There are some really great games such as Mario Kart and sports games that use Nunchuk to offer an even more satisfying experience to the player.

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    Hold the Wii Remote in your strong hand, strapped to your arm of course, and the Nunchuk in your weak hand. Keep both the controllers pointed in the direction of the Wii. Keep in mind that while there are some Wii games that support Nunchuk, there are also many games that do not support the device. If you insert such a game in the console, you will be incited to disconnect the Nunchuk from the Wii Remote.

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    The Nunchuk has an analogue stick, which you will be manipulating with your thumb to manage the movement of your character in games. Additionally, the device also has two buttons on its shoulder. The small, circular button on top is called “C” and the larger, rectangular button at the bottom is called “Z.” You will be using your index finger to press these buttons. The analogue stick and buttons perform a variety of functions, depending on the game that you are playing. If you are playing a racing game such as Mario Kart, the analogue stick will be used to steer the kart, while the buttons can be used to cycle through the inventory, or perform some other task. If you are playing a sports game such as boxing, Wii Remote will allow you to punch with one arm, while the Nunchuk will allow you to punch with the other.

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