How to Hit a Draw with Your Driver

A skilled golf player can do different things with the golf ball to avoid hazards on the golf course, and hitting a draw shot is one of them. Draw shot can be defined as one which goes right in its initial phase and then turns left afterwards. For instance, if a player finds a bunker in front of his shot and he cannot reach the green if he hits the ball straight, then he can try draw shot, which will help him land the ball away from the bunker and roll down to the green. A draw shot also makes the ball to roll forward, because of the forward spin applied on it.


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    To hit a draw shot, you do not need to alter your stance, grip and alignment. In fact, you should feel relaxed, as it just needs a simple trick, rather than completely changing the grip and playing style.

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    Now you can adjust your feet in a way that you appear to be aiming to the right of your target. It all depends on your capability to draw a particular angle, in order to hit the target.

    A draw can create angle from 5 degrees to 45 degrees, depending on your swing technique and desired result. Therefore, you should practice this technique on the driving range, rather than trying it directly in a competition with your friends, to avoid embarrassment. You can start with making a 10 to 15-degree angle.

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    Now you should aim your club face directly towards your real target, rather than facing it according to your angle. This will automatically make the ball to draw. Here, you should make sure that your swing should be inside out, while the club hitting the ball properly.

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    You should swing in your natural style, rather than trying to manipulate your arm or wrist. If you try to exaggerate, you will probably end up making a poor contact with the ball or turning it into a hook shot. Therefore, you should remain natural in your swing and think as if you are playing your normal shot, with just a slight change in your angle.

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