How to Vaccinate Your Cat Yourself

For most people that have a cat, going to the veterinary clinic to get vaccinations can be a big headache. Most cats hate going to the car and taking a trip to the veterinarian. Also, the question of money is always there, as going to the veterinarian can cost a lot. If you want to avoid stressing your cat out and save money in the process then you can easily vaccinate your cat in the comfort of your own home. Most people do not realise how easy and safe it can be. If you are patient and want to vaccinate your cat yourself then doing so can really take the stress out of having to go to the veterinarian.


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    Buy Proper Vaccines:

    You can buy the proper vaccines for your cat at usually half the price the veterinarian charges you at his or her clinic. Look for a good quality pet supply shop that deals in safe vaccines that can be given to your cat. Also, always remember to follow the directions that come with the vaccines to ensure that you safely administer the shot to your cat.

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    Find a Suitable Surface:

    It is important that while administering a vaccine to your cat that he or she does not get nervous and jump out of your reach. This can increase the chances of injury to your cat. It is always important to have a safe place to have your cat sit. It might be a good idea to use a surface that is a little slippery so that your cat does not jump quickly from your grasp.

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    Hold your Cat Firmly:

    Be sure to hold your cat firmly. This will keep your cat still and will help you administer the vaccine safely.

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    Pull Skin Gently:

    Pull the skin of your cat gently upwards. You will be looking for the space between the body and the skin to inject.

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    Gently Inject Vaccine:

    Now you should gently inject the vaccine in to the cat and try to avoid any large blood vessels. Once you have found a suitable area, be sure to slowly squeeze the injection do dispel all of the vaccination in to your cat. Once you have done this, gently pull the needle out and throw away the injection safely.

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    Rub Area Gently:

    Rub the area that you administered the shot gently. This will provide some relief for your cat.

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    Check for any Allergic Reactions:

    After giving your cat vaccines, always check for any allergic reactions that might occur. If you see any reaction then take your cat to the veterinarian immediately.

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