How to Have Fun with Your Cat

Unlike the old reliable stick, ball, or frisbee for dogs, cats find amusement in unusual things. If you own a cat and are confused how to have fun with her, then you have reached the right place, as this article will help you in learning different ways of bringing the element of surprise into their lives and ramp up the fun.

Things Required:

– Stuff left over from deliveries, shopping, Christmas morning
– Semi-darkness
– Laundry hamper
– Oven mitt, bag of rice, etc.
– Large box


  • 1

    Leave stuff around

    A cat cannot resist an object in her path. Always leave stuff , expecting it to run into them. Empty boxes, a mess of ribbon, even a slipper will pique her curiosity.

    A cat simply has to inspect it for its potential amusement. If these things meet any cat amusement criteria – empty, hide-y, papery, slippery and soft – it won't be able to resist climbing inside or lying on top.

  • 2

    Move the furniture

    Nothing entices a cat like a room where the Feng Shui is all whacked out. It's like a jungle appearing out of thin air. So make a forest of chairs and turn the light down low to give it that mighty-hunter-in-the-twilight mood. Also, scatter a few soft-bite mice.

    Your cat will take naturally to playing Lord of All He Surveys, hiding and pouncing and smacking some mice around. If it's been too much fun, the cat may have a small crisis of conscience, and put itself in a time out.

  • 3

    Heap up paper

    If something arrives all stuffed with or wrapped up in paper – Christmas morning is the classic scenario – make a big heap of it all in the middle of the room. Oh, heaven! Your cat can jump on it, slither around inside it, or just make wonderful crunching and slapping sounds. When it is good and ready, the cat will settle down inside of the heap of paper and put on her best extra-cute photo-op face.

  • 4

    A cat fort

    Take any large cat-sized box. Cut out peep-and paw holes on the sides and a head-poker-outer hole on top. Cut one low entry hole. In three minutes or less the cat will be inside. Then run feathery or slithery objects past the peep- and paw-holes. Your cat will become intensely happy this way– but watch your fingers; those little paws jump out like lightning.

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