How to Visit Literary Sites in New England

Are you planning a trip to New England, and you want to explore literary sites there? You may have heard about lots of worth-seeing literary sites in New England, but unless you know the exact location and their names before you finally make a visit, your trip may not give you the pleasure you deserve.

If you want to squeeze the most of this trip, you are advised to visit the city by road. A road trip will allow you to see the places more closely, as summer is the perfect time for long drives in New England. There are several museums, art galleries in New England that you can visit, but Twain, Alcott and Longfellow are the figures that attract most of the tourists.


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    Search the Internet

    Search the city on the Internet and will find plenty of resources that can guide you which literary sites you should visit. Since New England is a big region, going there without proper research first will waste your time and energy. Google New England and its literary sites, which should give you a list of names of places that you can visit after you reach the region.

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    Read travel guides

    Read travel guides to get a better idea of what places are worth visiting. There are lots of literary places like museums and art galleries, but the region has more than you can think of. Travel guides will show you what places you should visit first. Your time and money is important, which can be utilized sensibly if you read travel guides before making a trip. Use the Internet to find what places are hot. If you are on a tight budget, you can also choose alternatives and see places that take less money and time.

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    The Mark Twain House and Museum

    If you are an avid reader of American literature, you must know about the Mark Twain House and Museum as it is called home William Faulkner. William Faulkner is the father of American literature and the place typically attracts tourists due to its attachment with literature and art.

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    Longfellow National Historic Site

    Another place that you can put at the top of your priority list is Longfellow National Historic Site. The site is known for its association with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Longfellow is regarded as one of the greatest American poets. The building (site) is known for other reasons as George Washington also visited here and stayed a little. The site is adjacent to Harvard University. You can take a little walk and see the entire place in a few minutes. After the walk, you can relax at the side of Charles River.

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