How to Visit the Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Blue Mosque in Istanbul is one of the most beautiful Islamic architectures. It is the most favourite tourist spot for the people who visit Istanbul, Turkey. Furthermore, it is situated on the European side of Istanbul and is very famous because of its unique ornate decoration and six huge minarets. In addition, it is also prominent due to the religious history which it shares with the Hagia Sophia.

You can visit the Mosque at any time, but you will have to follow some instructions to maintain the decorum of the mosque.


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    First of all, you must know that you are going to visit a mosque which is a very sacred place where Muslims offer their prayers. Therefore, you must go for a visit when the worshippers are done with their prayer. Although, it is not prohibited to go during the time of praying, but it is advisable for you to visit when the congregation is over. In this way, you will be able to move freely at any place while talking to your friends without any kind of conditions applied. On the other hand, if you want to visit during the time of prayer to see how the Muslims pray, you must maintain proper silent throughout your visit so that no one gets disturbed by your arrival in the mosque.

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    You will have to remove your shoes before entering the mosque to keep the premises clean from any kind of dust. Don’t speak loud and don’t rush towards the things.

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    You can also take photos if you want, but you will have to ask for permission first. Furthermore, don’t walk in front of the worshippers while they are praying.

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    It is extremely important for you to dress up modestly. Don’t wear any shorts or sleeveless clothes. It will be better for you to cover your head properly before entering the mosque so that everyone will feel at home with you. If you are women, you should wear a dress which is at least below your knees. In contrast, if you are a man, you must be in long trousers and a sleeved shirt or t-shirt.

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    It will be better for you to cover your head with blue head coverings which are available at the mosque. Remember that you don’t have to pay any price to get the blue head covering.

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