How to Visit the Gerald Ford Library

The Gerald Ford Library, as evident from the name, is dedicated to Gerald R. Ford was the 38th President of the United States, succeeding Richard Nixon, during the years 1974-1977. It covers the history of the United States in this period, particularly focusing on the role of Gerald Ford and his work during the era. The library is situated in Ann Arbor, at the University of Michigan North Campus which is the alma mater of the former president. It was opened to public in 1981 and holds a vast collection of documents related to American history and his life. It is attended by a large number of historians, researchers and students regularly. The library is physically separate from the Gerald Ford museum which also holds Gerald Ford’s personal and official possessions.


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    The library is open Mondays to Saturday from 9 in the morning till 5 in the noon. The admission to the library is free and you can be sure of a couple of hours quality time inside the lovely building with an exquisite exterior and a well planned interior. The parking is free and a guide is available without any charges on advance notice.

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    The library houses a permanent collection of 25 million pages written documents, 450,000 photographs, 3500 hours video and 3000 hours audio. This literature surround the life of Gerald Butler before, during and after the presidency through memos, letters, meeting notes, reports, and other historical documents. The literature holds great significance and gives a detailed understanding of U.S. domestic issues, foreign relations, and political affairs during the Cold War era. The private correspondence between the President and his wife are also included in the permanent exhibits.

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    The library also holds several temporary exhibits. Some of these include lectures on economics, politics and history conducted with collaboration with the University of Michigan. Due to the fact that the library is attached to a university, it is widely used by students in their research. Most of the material has already been digitized into an electronic database. Research grant for students are also available by the Gerald Ford Foundation.

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    School tour groups to the library can also be organized. The library offers a discounted rate for groups of students. For students, it is a more live way of understanding history and events. The library gives a detailed insight into the Water gate scandal and the Vietnam.

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