How to Visit the National Museum for African Art

If you are interested in learning arts of different cultures and nationalities and you often visit galleries and museums to please yourself with your favourite hobby, then visiting the National Museums of African Art could be a nice option for you.

Located in Washington DC, United States, the National Museum of African Art has been around since 1964, and has introduced the world to the rich African culture, especially African America culture.

The National Museum of African Art boasts a long list of collections that grab the attention of the visitors. The collections include jewellery, paintings, sculptures, pottery, photographs, modern art, contemporary art and photographs.

The Museum also conducts several exhibitions throughout the year, giving the visitors a maximum opportunity to get themselves familiar with African history in American, its culture and role in politics, society and other fields like business, education and sports.

And if you like workshops and seminars, the National Museum of African Art is for you.


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    Visit the website of National Museum of African Art

    Visit the website of National Museum of Africa Art before you make any plans. The website has details of all the programs and galleries of the museum. You can Google National Museum of African Art and find the URL of the website.

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    Find what programs and exhibitions are coming up

    Click “Art and Programs” tab on the top bar of the website. You will find different programs and exhibitions. The Arts and Programs will help you better understand what kinds of galleries and sections of the museums you can see before visiting the place.  There are several public programs available for  visitors. Read all the details carefully, and note down important points on paper.

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    Check visitor information

    Click “About the Museum” tab in the website and you will be taken to a link “Visitor information” The page has all the necessary details.

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    Visit during daytime

    The National Museum of African Art is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. So, make your plan according to the timing. The Museum remains closed on December 25. If you do not want to get caught avoid rush hour, visit the place later in the morning rather than being there at sharp 10 a.m. as the traffic is usually heavy in Washington DC during early hours.

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    Admission is free

    You are not required to pay money to enter the Museum. However, it would be unwise to visit the place without a schedule, as the security personnel may not allow you to enter. Making a list of exhibitions and galleries you want to visit will help you locate the right place inside the Museum easily.

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