How to Visit the Nixon Library

The Nixon library as the name suggests has been dedicated to the life of Richard Nixon. It is located at Yorba Linda Boulevard in Yorba Linda, California and is the birthplace of Richard Nixon, the 37th president of United States of America. Richard Nixon also spent a considerable part of his childhood at this location. The library contains his official and personal documents and records. A visit to the library can be a great learning experience of a very important man in history and his life. The documents can also be used for research into the important events of this period. The library was dedicated by the daughter of the President Julie Nixon to her parents in July 1990.


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    You can visit the library any day of the week. It opens up daily at 10 am and keeps up till 5 pm. However, it is closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving day and New Year’s day. The tickets can be bought at the entrance counter. The ticket rates vary according to age and occupation. Adults are currently being charged $11.95 while Senior citizens pay a ticket price of $8.5. Students get a discounted rate at $6.95. There are discounts for military, children and group tickets as well.

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    Once inside the library, you can enjoy the permanent exhibits on the President’s life. The most important of these are the photographs and documents relating to the Watergate scandal, which eventually led to Richard Nixon’s resignation. A collection of his wife, the First lady, Pat Nixon’s dresses are also on display. You will also witness a recreation of the East Wing Lincoln Sitting room at the White house.

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    The library also has a museum in it. It contains artifacts, clothing and photographs of the Nixon family. Bronze figures of several world leaders are also on display. The President’s official helicopter VH-3A is also on permanent display here and so is his official limousine.

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    You can also visit the birthplace and early home of Richard Nixon right next to the library. His father built it using a house building kit. Richard Nixon and his wife were also buried in the grounds of the library, in front of the birth place. The library tells a lifetime story, from birth to reaching an esteemed position and then the final abode. All in all, the Nixon library will not disappoint you.

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