How to Visit the Lyndon B. Johnson Library

The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library (LBJL) is one of the thirteen presidential libraries present in the United States. It was dedicated to the 36th president, Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1971 and gives an insight to his personal, political and presidential life. The library has a collection of around 45 million pages of documents which record his papers and those of his close associates. It is located in Red River Austin and it is worth spending the day and studying first-hand account of a critical period in the nation’s history. Lyndon B. Johnson became president after the heart throbbing assassination of John. F. Kennedy and played an important role in the Vietnam War. A distinction of the library is that it is the most visited presidential library.


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    The library is open all days of the week from 9 am till 5 pm. It is closed on Christmas and federal holidays. The research rooms remain closed on the weekends. Till 2013, it was the only presidential library which had free admission. However, to keep up with maintenance and progress, admission fee is being charged after December 2012. The fee for adults is $8, $5 seniors and $3 for children aged between 13-17.

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    The library has some permanent core exhibits on display. The first one is ‘November 22, 1963’  which is dedicated to the fateful day of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The exhibit has pictures, documents and audio recordings showing Kennedy and LBJ and the transition of power. What makes this library unique is the audio backup that most records have which makes the experience interesting and interactive. Another exhibit is the social justice gallery which displays the legislation passed by LBJ through telephone calls, letters, artefacts and graphics. The library in total has 45 million pages of historical documents.

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    The custom built limousine of LBJ which he used during the time before and during his presidency is on display in the library lobby. The car is furnished with a TV, telephone, reserve gas tank and a well built communication system. Apart from the car, the Oval Office of the White House has been replicated in the library and contains LBJ’s desk, telephone, chair and other office stationery.

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    The library also has a store from where you can get presidential memorabilia, jewellery, apparel, books and videos for yourself or as gifts.

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