How to Create a Library Tracking System

Library tracking system is a modern tool that helps you to organise libraries. Extensive collection of books in personal or public libraries makes it difficult to keep a good tracking system but due to advancement in technology, this hectic work has become very easy. Library tracking systems help you organise your shelves as well. Once you are able to organise your book shelves, half of the work is almost done. It is a unique and systematic method which is very popular around the world in many countries and not only it has been working properly but it is also very successful as well.


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    Sorting the books

    It depends on you as to how you start it. Some people sort different types of books first and some people want it done differently. You should decide first as to how you want to sort out your books and how you want to organise them. Also, figure out that what types of books you want to organise first and what type of books will be sorted out in the end. It also depends on the nature of books as well. Usually you will want biographies, novels and short stories in one shelf and those related to religion and theology will get another separate shelf.

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    Give section different names

    Once you are able to sort out all the books in different shelves, now is the time to give every shelf a unique name so you can identify.

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    Setting up a spreadsheet

    Setting up a spreadsheet is also a very good idea. You should have all kinds of information on your database as well.

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    Giving each book a slight informative note

    This is the most important and difficult part in library tracking systems. You need to understand that there are so many other ways which will allow you to sort out books, but giving each book, a slight informative note will always remember you and will help you find the book.

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    Making titles alphabetically

    Sort out books alphabetically so when you try to locate them, you can do so will easily.

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