How to Work Abs With the Lever Vertical Leg Hip Raise

Working out your abs is an essential part of any exercise and any workout routine is incomplete without abdominal exercise. There are a number of exercises that work out specifically the abdominal area of the body and definitely, the lever vertical leg hip raise is a great way to work them out.

Another great thing about working out your abs is that it is possible wherever you are. Be it at the gym or basically anywhere else working out your abs is crucial to keeping a healthy life, body and mind. Clear abs are a sign of dedication and knowing how to discipline yourself.


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    Vertical Bench

    A standing vertical bench is necessary for this sort of exercise and it is needed to perform one of the most difficult abdominal exercises as well. A regular bench can be used for regular leg raises, but a standing vertical bench is one that will use your upper body potency to work out the lower half and has a much bigger effect on that specific area as well.

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    Begin the Exercise

    Grabbing the handles and propping your forearms is the first way to kick the exercise off. Clutch the handles and inhale deeply while contracting your abs and bending your knees. Bending your knees, carry your thighs as close as it feasible to your chest. It may seem difficult for you to do it in the start as it may not be something you may not be used to doing that specific exercise.

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    Bringing your thighs up to your chest is half of the exercise. The next half is to properly bring down your thighs and move your back properly as possible. Lower your legs and keep your back straight and control the descent with a sturdy hold on the grip.

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    While keeping your breathing steady, repeat the steps described above and do until you fail to do another rep and take a short break if needed by coming off of the lever vertical leg hip raise. Like any other exercise, you need to decided on how many sets you are planning to do with however many reps. Make your way up slowly and you can even add weight to your legs in order to enlarge the trouble in your exercise and make it much tough if you are accustomed to the current format like other exercises during your workout routine.

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