How to Write a Marketing Research Report

Marketing research report is one of the most important steps in planning a business. It provides information regarding the current market scenario. In addition, it helps the business to understand the needs and wants of its target audience. Furthermore, it gives essential details about the operations of the competitors and the level of competition in the market. It also enables the business to assess the changing trends in the market so as to keep on providing new and valuable products and services to its customers to fulfil their requirements. If your marketing research report is not concise and comprehensive, you may face difficulties in running your business.


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    First of all, you have to create the title page of your marketing research report. You have to mention the title of the report, names of your clients, your business name and the names of the researchers. You should never add anything in your title page which doesn’t look professional. Keep it simple, clean and professional.

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    After the title page, you have to insert a table of content which will help the reader to go to any area of his interest in the report without any trouble.

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    Then, you have to write the executive summary of your report in which you will summarise your report in one to two pages. It will include the brief information about your business and the important points of the report.

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    Now, you have to write the introduction of your report. The introduction should not be too lengthy or too short. It will address the background of the problem which the business is facing, the information of the target population and the goals of the business.

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    After writing the introduction, you have to write about qualitative research which you intended to conduct through focus groups, questionnaires or interviews. Moreover, you will mention the research method which you used to conduct the marketing research. This is one of the most important sections of your report, so present it prudently.

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    Research findings are the most important part of the report. You can present the findings in tabular and graphical formats which will become easy to understand. It is very important for you to present the limitations of your research in this section.

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    In the end, you will write the conclusion of your research report and will recommend the necessary action to be taken to cope up with the underlying business problem.

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