How to Write an Audit Acceptance Letter

Firms with no auditing staff, outsource the task of auditing to the audit consulting firms to perform evaluation of the company in various aspects including project, product, person, system or process. The main objective of conducting an audit is to make sure that the person, process, project or anything under evaluation meets the standards set by the auditing firm and that there lies minimum risk and advantage is maximum.

Therefore, in order to conduct an audit, the firm sends an audit request letter to the consulting auditing company and if the audit is accepted then the consulting firm sends an acknowledgement in the form of audit acceptance letter.

Here you can find out how to write an audit acceptance letter. Simply scroll down and go through the template and sample which we have provided.

Tips to Write Audit Acceptance Letter

  • Be thankful
  • Maintain a formal and professional tone throughout the letter
  • Be careful about grammar and punctuation


  • 1

    Sample Audit Acceptance Letter

    Tekk Audit
    149-A, Suite No 3
    5th Avenue


    Anne David
    General Manager
    A.Y Group of Companies
    44, Main Boulevard

    Ms. David

    I'm writing this letter to you in reference to the audit request letter no. (write number) which you sent on (date).

    This letter is to inform you that your request has been accepted in our most recent general audit meeting.

    We have attached the Terms and Conditions paper along with this letter and would like you to sign it and send it back at the earliest.

    If there are any questions, you are welcome to ask them on our e-mail address.

    Sincerely yours
    Signature of Joe Adams
    Joe Adams
    Manager Audit

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    Audit Acceptance Letter Template:

    Company Name (and logo)
    Phone/Fax number
    E-mail (optional)

    Receiver’s Name
    Receiver’s Address
    Receiver’s Phone Number

    With reference to the audit request letter no. ________ sent by you on __/__/____, it is to inform you that the request has been ___________ in the meeting held by our _______________ on __/__/____.

    Please review the __________ document enclosed with this letter. Also you are requested to sign the enclosed ____________ form and send it latest by ______ to the above mentioned address.

    We welcome all sort of queries on the above mentioned contact numbers. Thank you for choosing our firm for audit conduction procedure.

    Sincerely yours
    Signature of the Sender
    Name of the Sender

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