How to Define Features of a Business Letter

No matter if you are thinking to expand your small business or planning to start your own business, you will need financial support to make your dream a reality. For this purpose, you will have to find an investor, client or potential customer who can provide you the required funds.

Writing a business letter is the most effective method to convince them to join hands in your venture. You should know what makes a business letter the perfect proposal. If your letter has been written in a casual manner then the other party will not take you seriously.

Remember this letter is your first impression so you must know the important features of a well drafted and effective business letter.


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    Never ever drag your letter otherwise your addressee will lose interest and it will be a futile exercise. Be relevant and just give your potential investor an outline of your idea as the purpose of this letter to force him to contact you for further details. Try to conclude your letter in one or two pages. This brevity will give an impression that you are clear about your idea and strategy.

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    Contact Information:

    If you are sending a hard copy of your proposal then use a letterhead which will introduce you to the other party and give your contact information. In this case, you will start with the date followed by the receiver’s information. If you are sending this proposal through email then you will provide your contact information after the closing greeting.

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    Body of the letter:

    The main body of the letter is usually divided into three sections. In the beginning, you will give the main reason to write this letter then you will include the description, facts and figures. After giving complete details of your idea, you will end your letter with a proper closing salutation.

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    Well Structured:

    Your letter should be arranged properly. Remember, your first paragraph should answer the basic questions like what, when, who, why, where etc. Then you will give few examples to make your case strong. In the end, you will mention potential risks and your strategy control situation. You should take care of the flow of your letter to keep the reader engaged. Use appropriate transition phrases to avoid any blunders.

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    Mostly, the “Block Format” is used for a business letter. In this format, the letter is single-spaced and aligned to the left of the paper.

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    Error free:

    There must be zero margin of error as it is your best and probably last shot to convince your investor.

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