How to Write Pet Sale Contract

A pet sale agreement is usually a piece of document explaining acceptance of terms and conditions around the sale of a particular pet animal. It is generally provided by the seller, but also agreed upon by the buyer. Sometimes a simple sale bill does the job, but if you are worried about emergence of any differences at the time of the sale or after it, it is better to prepare a small document of sale-purchase agreement or so-called contract to be signed by the buyer and seller. It is not necessarily required to be a lengthy document. It can be a one-page agreement explaining the pet’s category, owner’s name and address, buyer’s name and address and the sale price.

The sale contract is particularly beneficial if you suspect that the buyer might mistreat the animal and if ever made to accept the responsibility denies whether they bought it or disclosing other details. It is also very effective in claiming ownership in case the pet is lost and found. Sometimes people can wrongly claim that the pet is theirs and you can claim to be the right owner by showing the contract of sale from the place you have bought the animal. This will prevent you from getting tangled into any legal complications and facing inconvenience.


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    Start of Sale Agreement

    A pet sale agreement can be a simple one-page document starting with names, addresses and contract details of the pet's seller and buyer. You can write name of one party and their other detailsĀ on top one side of the page and name and details of other on other top side of the page.

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    Pet Description

    In the next paragraph, no matter in what format it is, you can give the pet's details. For example, if it is a cat, you can mention its species, colour, weight, sex, registration number and how long the animal has been in your possession etc. This can include all other details you may want to add in agreement with the buying party.

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    Confirmation of Sale

    In a paragraph you can confirm sale agreement between the two parties, mentioning date and place of the sale and purchase. You may also mention name of any witness present at the time.

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    Terms and Conditions

    Also, briefly mention terms and conditions of the sale agreement. This may include payment mode, delivery of animal and collection of any other belongings. For example, cage of a pet if it is a bird.

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    Signing Agreement

    At the end leave a space on bottom left and right side of the page so that both parties can sign the agreement after accepting it.

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