How to Attract Doves to a Garden

People love seeing beautiful birds such as doves flying around in their gardens. Attracting doves to your garden should be a very easy task, as long as you can modify your garden to resemble the natural habitat of a dove. Moreover, you would have to ensure that basic necessities such as food, water and shelter are readily available in your garden. And then of course your garden should be big enough because wild birds prefer to dwell in large, open spaces.

Things Required:

– Dove food
– Water source
– Open nests


  • 1

    Ensure that your garden has an abundant amount of dove food. Generally, doves feed on seeds. However, in some tropical regions, doves may feed on ripe fruits. The seeds you spread around in your garden should be small in size because doves eat the seeds in whole without husking the seeds. You may also use ground feeders if desired.

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    Doves will leave your garden at the start of the winter season. Make sure that you condition them properly while they are in your garden to ensure their return in the summer season. Properly feeding the doves throughout the year would be a very good idea.

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    A small patch in your garden with rocks and pebbles can be of great use because most wild birds use such areas to aid in food digestion. Make sure that it is easy for the doves to access the area covered with small rocks or pebbles.

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    Apart from abundant food, an ideal water source is also very important. Ensure a continuous supply of fresh and clean water in a readily accessible area of your garden. To make it easier for the doves to wade, depth of the water should be about 2 inches and it should be surrounded by sloping sides.

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    Plant lots of sunflowers, pines and spruce trees in your garden. Doves love these plantations and would prefer to live in gardens which have a large number of these plants. Furthermore, tall grasses can be of great help to attract doves to a garden.

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    Place a number of open boxes at a number of different spots in your garden. Doves would nest in open nests rather than birdhouses. You can use boxes made out of wood, old Tupperware or even cardboard.

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