How to Write Surrealist Poetry

In literature, surrealist movement rose to prominence in the first half of the twentieth century. The basic purpose to adopt this technique of writing was to bring literature closer to reality. The writers do not think much during the creative process and writes whatever comes into their mind.

In this way, the poets are able to explore their imagination and look deep inside in their subconscious. Surrealist poetry is famous for its unusual imagery and unconventional diction. That is why it is not an easy genre of poetry rather you will have to keep a couple of important things in mind to write a good surreal poem.


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    Know the genre:

    The first thing you should do is to familiarise yourself with the genre. The best way to understand surrealism is to read the surrealist poetry or visit online libraries. Write down your observations and then try to add those things in your writing.

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    Explore yourself:

    You should know that surrealism is all about yourself. It is an attempt to explore and express your subconscious so spare some time for self evaluation. The strong connection with you means producing some top quality surrealist poetry.

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    Make connection between unrelated objects:

    You can’t write surrealist poetry if you don’t know how to find a relationship between dissimilar things. Do not hesitate in describing the strange links as surrealist poetry is all about natural feelings without any constraints.

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    Start doing automatic writing:

    The most popular technique in this genre is automatic writing. In this method, the poet grabs a pen and paper and starts writing whatever comes to his/her mind. You do not need to think about the structure and quality of the content.

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    Surrealist poetry games:

    The experts have invented many games to bring the new writers in to the flow. You may consider these games to familiarise yourself with this genre of poetry. One of these games is called “The Exquisite Corpse.” In this game, writers sit in a group and start writing their lines one by one. However, they are not allowed to see the lines of other group members. The game ends when the group feels that the poem is complete.

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    Use your dreams as inspiration:

    Your dreams are directly or indirectly connected with your subconscious so you should try to remember and use them in your poetry. You will be amazed to see the imagery in the poem.

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