How toDraw If Your Hands Are Shaking

While it remains true that steady hands are needed for a number of professions and activities, there are situations where that is not the case. Surgeons, mechanics and other professionals who have a responsibility to someone else is understandable. However, those looking to draw have no such responsibility so shaky hands should not be an issue.


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    First off, if one’s hands are shaky they can always use it to their advantage. Drawing rough terrain or graffiti are when artists shake their hands on purpose in order to produce a more random effect. So if one’s hands are shaking they could use this to create something that needs an element of randomness.

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    However, if one needs a steady hand then there are a number of techniques one can use to bring more stability. Always make sure that one’s mental state is calm. Anger, nervousness and frustration are all key factors behind shaky hands. If one’s hands begin to shake, take a step back, take a deep breath and reassess the situation. If the shaking persists, stop the activity and go out for some fresh air. A small walk can do wonders.

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    Another reason behind it could be physical. Take a break and stretch your arm. Massage it as well and give it a good five minutes to recover. Try drawing on a rough piece of paper to see if things have become stable enough to return to your masterpiece.

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    In order to relax the arm and hand muscles keep them under warm or hot water for around five to ten minutes. This removes all elements of stress and the relaxed muscles will bring an end to the shaking.

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    In essence, if your hands are shaking try to take advantage of it first, if that cannot be done then relax yourself both mentally and physically.

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    However, if all else fails then chances are that you are probably freezing. In this case, close any open windows, turn the heater or radiator on and warm yourself up. A hot bowl of soup or cup of tea or coffee would be perfect as well.

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