International Jugglers Day Overview

The month of April, apart from welcoming the peak of spring season, is also full of a number of events. One such event of April falls on the 18th and is observed as the International Jugglers Day. It may not be surprising if there are many who do not know about the existence of this day, as the same day is associated with a couple of other events as well. It is also worth-mentioning here that the International Jugglers Day must not be confused with the World Juggling Day, as the latter falls in the month of June. Like other days and events, this day also has a background. For those interested in juggling, it is good to have some information about the background of International Jugglers Day.


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    History and Background

    There is not much given about the history and origin of this day. However, there are a few stories and tales related it as far as juggling and jugglers are concerned. For example, it is believed that the jugglers are in business since the vaudeville era (mid 1800s) and there is not much known about them before that period. Besides, some ancient Egyptian paintings from the past also show jugglers.

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    Purpose of Observance

    As a reader, one may possibly think what may be the use of observing the International Jugglers Day? The best answer to this question is that it is observed to show value and regard to the art of juggling. Although it apparently involves tossing up and keeping two or more objects in the air at a time, but it also requires a lot of control, expertise and practice. The juggling objects may include balls, scarves, knives, fruits and anything that is available.

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    Celebrating International Jugglers Day

    If you are interested in the art of juggling then this day has a few celebrations for you. However, if you wish to have complete information on celebrating the International Jugglers Day, kindly visit How to Celebrate International Jugglers Day.

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