Itchy Skin Treatment during Pregnancy

Most women encounter itchy skin during pregnancy. As hormones like Estrogen fluctuate in pregnant women, they often feel itchy around their growing abdomen and breast areas. Pregnancy undoubtedly stretches the lower stomach area of women and hormones can cause swelling in the breasts. These changes in a women’s body can create the sense of intense itching. The level of intensity of the itching varies for each woman. The itching sensation can sometimes develop as a rash on the skin. Most itchy skin issues usually go away after the birth of the baby, but in some cases the skin rashes can continue and cause relative discomfort for the woman. Many treatments exist which are topical in nature as pregnant women definitely need to be careful of the types of medicine they ingest.


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    Soak in Warm Oatmeal Bath:

    Soaking in a nice warm oatmeal bath can provide effective relief for pregnant women that are suffering from itchy skin. This is a relatively safe and common used treatment for itchy skin. Pregnant women will find this treatment as easy to do as they just need to soak in the oatmeal bath until they feel some relief. Ingredients for oatmeal baths are available as ready-use in most drug stores.

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    Use Cold Compress:

    Another effective method to provide relief to pregnant women that are suffering from itchy skin is to use a cold compress on the areas causing discomfort. Making a cold compress at home is relatively easy as you take a small clean cloth and soak it in cold water. Rinse out the excess water and apply the cold compress to the affected area on the skin. This treatment provides fast relief for pregnant women with itchy skin. It is important to not use a hot compress as this can aggravate the swollen itchy skin and make things worse.

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    Wear Comfortable Cotton Clothing:

    Most pregnant women usually already prefer to wear loose comfortable clothing. This method is effective in reducing the sensation of itching in pregnant women. The loose cotton cloth barely touches the stretched or swollen skin that causes itching. This treatment is extremely safe for pregnant women as it is entirely topical and there is no real need for a change in lifestyle or activities.

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    Avoid Hot Water in Baths and Showers:

    It is important for pregnant women that are suffering from itchy skin to avoid taking hot showers and baths. The hot water can increase the sensitivity of the itchy skin and make the condition worse. It is recommended to use cold water or at least tepid lukewarm water for showers and baths.

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    Use Soap that is Unscented and Mild in the Shower and Bath:

    Pregnant women that are having issues with itchy skin should only use mild soap that is unscented while taking a bath or shower. Most scented soaps have chemicals that can irritate the inflamed skin or rashes. By using a mild soap, pregnant women can still take showers and feel clean while avoiding any possible itchy skin issues.

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    Avoid Going out on Hot Days:

    Avoiding the outside heat during the day is important for pregnant women that have itchy skin. The heat can irritate the already inflamed or swollen skin causing more discomfort. If it is imperative to go out in the heat, then cover yourself with loose cotton clothing to avoid your skin from coming into contact with the sun.

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