Job Interview Questions for Disabled People in London

Usually disable people get very hesitated from the job interviews with their employer because the questions which their employer might ask during an interview will sabotage their confidence level. But it is better if the applicant is well aware of the nature of the questions and be prepared to answer them. Although the Equality Act 2010 has imposed some sorts of limitations in asking question, still if anyone is rude enough to ask you such questions that targets your condition or feeling then this article will definitely help you out. Besides that you will also know the type of question which will accour your way  during an interview.


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    Although it is the right of every employer to inquire the health conditions, still there is a limit and way of doing that. But make sure that the question you are asking from the applicant or employer related to their health condition has an attachment to the work or task that will be given to them in the future.

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    A sensible and educated employer will always ask your permission before starting assessing you or medically inquiring you.

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    Some employers ask such questions so that they can figure out the proper way of utilizing your skills and ability and to know what exactly will be the proper communication channel between you and the other employees of the office.

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    They will also ask you questions related to your educational background and If you had previous experience in jobs. They will definitely inquire how you use to manage in your previous organization and the reason of resignation.

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    When you are once confirmed then a detail inquiry related to your medical situation will be carried. The reasons for such investigation is to see in what way you can comfortably adjust and perform your tasks without any hassles.

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    If any inappropriate question is asked or you have been treated badly then you can contact the Human Rights Commission and explain them the entire scenario you have been through.

    Equality and Human Rights Commission (London office)

    Address: 3 More London, Riverside Tooley Street, London, SE1 2RG, View Map

    Contact: +44 20 3117 0235

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    If you still have any ambiguity in your mind related to your job interview then you also contact the Disability Employment Advisers for further detailed information

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