List of Art Galleries in London

Art galleries have now become a part of all societies over the world. With the passage of time, different societies create a lot of artists in London, which are playing an important role to dominate different colours and actual meaning of life among the people. Whether you love Old Masters or modern art, contemporary sculpture or Impressionist paintings, London has an art gallery to suit you. each artist uses varied combination of colours to display the world in totally different way. In the British Capital, people have always displayed lot of interest in art galleries.

If you are interested in visiting an art gallery in London and want to catch any art from there, do check the list of some best art galleries in London below:


  • 1

    The Hayward Gallery, is an art gallery in London which showcases figurines and organizes exhibitions from time-to-time. You can view pieces from the gallery on the art galleries own website.

  • 2

    National Portrait Gallery, is one of the famous art galleries in London due to contemporary exhibitions. Its pictures are really awesome and worth-seeing.

  • 3

    The National Gallery, is an art gallery in London, which shows the art figurines, close-up prints etc. It is opened from Monday to Friday (9.30am to 5pm).

  • 4

    Mall Galleries, is not only the venue with three main galleries, but a bookshop and a café. Their aim is to promote, inspire and educate audiences about the visual arts and new emerging artists.

  • 5

    Royal Academy of Arts, is an art institute as well as gallery in London. It is located in the heart of London's West End on Piccadilly. Ithas its own distinct features as compared to other portraits.

  • 6

    Whitechapel Art Gallery, is an art gallery in London which is internationally famous for its exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. Its pictures are really awesome and eye-catching.

  • 7

    Barbican Art Gallery, is one of the famous art galleries in London, which is presenting a dissimilar range of art. It has a diverse range of art, music, theatre, dance, film and creative learning events.

  • 8

    Serpentine Gallery, is one of the best-loved contemporary art galleries in London nowadays due to its contemporary art exhibitions and modern programmes.

  • 9

    Saatchi Gallery, is one of tourist attraction in London. The tourists like to visit this art gallery as it offers the arresting work of art over the thousands of square feet area.

  • 10

    Bankside Gallery, is an art gallery in Bankside, South London, England. The gallery is home to the Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers.

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