List of Best Shoe Shops in London

Your shoes say all about you and your personality. They should be according to your overall dressing, personality and the occasion. Now if you are in search of the trendy stilettos or strapping sneakers, London’s shoe shops are known all over the world for their wide collection, style and quality. Customers of all age groups are target segments of London’ Footwear Industry.

The best shoe shops in London have good shoe collections, including casual, formal, chic, sporty, and contemporary styles etc. Besides local products, London’s shoe stores exhibit some of the world’s most well-known shoe brands. In short, London is “shoe lover’s dream city.”


  • 1

    Christian Louboutin

    Christian Louboutin - a French designer whose footwear is known for glittery, red-lacquered soles and stiletto heels. The store has a collection of luxury shoes and bags. The customers of this brand include high profile personalities from showbiz to the parliament.

  • 2

    Poste Mistress

    This shop offers contemporary shoes with bags and light jewelry. Poste Mistress not only has its own footwear on display but also showcases some other famous brands and designers range. This shop is the right choice for students, working women and celebrities to get hold of trendy and comfortable shoes.

  • 3

    John Lobb Ltd.

    John Lobb is one of the oldest shoemakers in London. They are renowned for handmade shoes and boots having style with grace. They are serving the dignified class of London community with exclusive footwear.

  • 4

    Jimmy Choo

    Jimmy Choo, a Malaysian footwear designer, has acquired fame for his exquisite designs of women wear. The store offers a wide range of fashionable shoes and adorable bags.

  • 5

    Russell & Bromley

    Russell & Bromley is a shoe retailer and has many branches all around London. The store has an extensive collection of men, women, and children footwear accompanied by splendid hand bags.

  • 6

    The Old Curiosity Shop

    The shop is situated in a beautiful historical building. Handmade shoes for men are a specialty of this store. They have on offer impeccable footwear and accessories to give you that extra 'oomph'.

  • 7


    Size? is a store having a variety of sports shoes, sports related accessories and clothing. Original footwear collection of brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma are also available here.

  • 8

    Manolo Blahnik

    Glamorous shoes and unique stylish heels are a signature of this Spanish designer. It is the most popular shoe brand offering fascinating designs in economical rates. Other accessories, including hand bags, are also available here.

  • 9

    Church's Shoes

    Church's Shoes has a sheer variety of traditional English footwear integrating quality and style for both men and women. The collection consists of not only hand bags but travel bags and other leather goods and accessories as well.

  • 10

    Chelsea Cobbler

    This store has a wide range of casual to formal men’s footwear inclusive of all kinds of trainers, boots, sandals, and slippers. The accessories include stylish bags, scarves, gloves, hats, and sunglasses. The repair section of Chelsea Cobbler is the best in whole London.

  • 11


    Tricker’s is a classic English handmade shoes collection store for men. The best quality shoes are being produced by one of the oldest shoemakers at this shop. Shoe accessories and shoe care products are also available here.

  • 12

    Clarks Shoes

    Clarks are shoe manufacturers and retailers working since 1825. They produce a large variety of comfortable and stylish shoes for children and adults. Foot health is their primary concern that is why they make shoes for every age group keeping in mind the footwear requirements at that stage.

  • 13

    Oliver Sweeney

    It is a new addition in the British shoemakers and is making its path steadily among the old classic shoe manufacturing companies. It is well known for its trendy range of shoes, specifically the sports shoes.

  • 14


    Vans is a different kind of shoe store. It has a collection of athletic shoes for games like skateboarding, wakeboarding, motor cross, surfing and many more. It also offers a variety of canvas shoes and other casual wear.

  • 15


    It is a modern fashion boutique and shoe store offering contemporary clothing and footwear. This luxury designer shop has options for men and women for regular wear. The gem lovers also have a treat with a classic collection of gem stones.

  • 16


    It is a British based Scottish designer footwear. Schuh has a quirky shoe collection for men and women. It also has a variety of shoes for school going kids. The accessories offered by the store include trendy hand bags.

  • 17

    Tracey Neuls

    It displays a unique and attractive range of comfortable shoes. This shop is a perfect choice of the working class and the ones who want their feet to be at ease.

  • 18

    Something else Shoes

    This store has an exotic collection of ladies shoes and hand bags. The fashionable footwear is available in endearing colors that makes it distinctive from others.

  • 19

    Pied Piper

    Kids have not much of a choice for pediwear but Pied Piper has resolved it and is exclusively showcasing the shoes for kids. There is an option for all age groups from pre walking to school going kids to have a pair of shoes of their own choice and taste.

  • 20

    Black Truffle

    Shoes, bags, jewelry, clothes - this store has everything for ladies. A fabulous variety of pretty shoes makes it a delightful experience to shop here.