List of Dog Breeders in London

Dog breeders specialize in different breeds it depends on which breed are you looking for? Dog breeding is a basic practice in which mating of the top class or also known as show class Alpha male and Alpha female take place with an intention to produce quality specific litters with the perfect characteristics of the breed. Breeding is all about genetics an owner that mates certain types of dogs together to produce genetically perfect dogs is known as a breeder. But be wary of local back yard breeders they lack the knowledge and experience they don’t do breeding for the love of the breed they do it for the business.

Selecting a puppy that suits you:

While selecting a puppy that well suits you and your family is extremely important there are over 164 dog breeds known today some of the most common breeds are as the following.


  • 1

    The Rottweiler,

    This Medium to large bulky super dog is the king of the canine world, Originated in the small town of Rottweil, Germany they were designed for your typical use of guarding they were also known as the butchers dog. They were widely used across the city for Herding livestock and pulling carts containing the butchered meat. But remember This Dog is Strong and needs a lot of training so if you are thinking about your first dog we do not recommend the Rottweiler.

    You can contact the following breeder for this breed.
    Paul Rekert

  • 2

    Labrador retriever,

    This adorable breed is a type of a gun dog that falls in the retriever dog class, Labrador’s are basically water dogs so they have webbed paws for retrieving game from water by swimming, this breed was first used to retrieve fishing nets back in the days. Now known as one of the most popular breeds around the world this breed is really smart, obedient, and eager to learn making it the best family dog around.

    Bromelia Labradors

  • 3

    German Shepherd,

    Known in some parts of the world as an Alsatian or GSD that short for ‘’German Shepherd Dog’’ This large sized Dog originated in Germany a while back in 1899 as a herding dog, this breed is a working class dog and loves to please it was developed for guarding and herding. Due to its high intelligence level, strong bones and abilities it is widely considered by the Police and Army. This is a loyal and protective natured dog.

    You can contact the following breeder for this breed.
    A Furry World Ltd

  • 4

    All breed Kennels around London,

    If you are interested in any other breeds other then the Top 3 they are available around London in local puppy shops and some breeds also breed them like chihuahua, Jack Russel terriers etc.

    to make it easy for you we have attached the contact information of some Kennels near you feel free to contact them. Thank you and we wish you best of luck to Find your perfect companion.

    Contact the Following Kennels to find any breed you require.
    (A). Chihuahua Long coat Puppies.
    (B). Central Puppies.
    (C). Brush Puppies.

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