List of German Restaurants in Ottawa

Germany consists of 16 states and is a note-worthy country that is included in the European states, boasting of a rich cultural and historical background. This beautiful country offers a delicious line of cuisine, taking pride in the appetizing menu. Although it shares its culinary concepts with Switzerland and Austria and the cuisine varies from region to region, German Cuisine still retains its uniformity, distinctive taste and the fact that meat usually takes sausage form when eaten. Because Ottawa holds a significant number of German/European populations, many German restaurants have popped up and this article will list some of them down.


  • 1

    Lindenhof has a distinguished menu on offer that is dedicated for Valentine’s Day. So you can go and indulge in the delectable deliciousness of what the restaurant offers with your loved ones this Valentine’s.

  • 2

    Amber Garden & Dalmacia Restaurant is a European restaurant that offers many different Mediterranean dishes, including authentic German cuisine.

  • 3

    JIJ Beer Garden Schnitzel House is, as the name suggests, a genuine German restaurant that offers the country’s delights!

  • 4

    Gasthaus Zum Dorf Krug is another German restaurant situated in Ottawa that will not disappoint in terms of the authenticity it pledges to offer in its menu.

  • 5

    The Tea Party offers more than 150 different kinds of teas along with Vegetarian culinary that will keep you satiated and healthy.

  • 6

    BeaverTails Canada Inc is a small restaurant that has outside seating facility, providing desserts that not many other German restaurants in Ottawa offer!

  • 7

    Murray Street is an eatery that has a wide selection of food, including German cuisine, that one can take advantage of! Great ambiance and equally great food is what makes Murray street into what it is.

  • 8

    German Town Deli has a name that is self explanatory in what it offers. Definitely a place to go to if you’re looking for real German food!

  • 9

    Ox Head Restaurant has a line of different, scrumptious noodles on the offer besides a host of other items.

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