List of Hospitals in Ottawa

Ottawa has several highly acclaimed and well recognized hospitals that have been serving the area’s residents for decades. Beyond strong health care services, hospitals in the area are renowned for their research as well. Within the collection of area hospitals, you are sure to find the one that best suits your particular needs based on their unique service offerings.

Outlined below is a list of Ottawa area hospitals along with brief descriptions, contact information and locations.


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    The Ottawa Hospital

    The city's largest hospital is spread across three campuses that provide a wide and diverse array of medical services. The Hospital's strong standard for excellence in medicine is reinforced by its education program for Ottawa University medical students. Beyond the three main campuses, The Ottawa Hospital also operates the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.
    Location and contact information for each campus can be found below.
    NOTE: To determine which campus, department, program or clinic is best suited to your medical needs, use the search feature found here.

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    Queensway-Carleton Hospital

    The largest hospital in the city's west-end, this facility serves 400,000 on an annual basis. The hospital provides Emergency, Childbirth, Geriatrics, Mental Health, Rehabilitation, Medical and Surgical Service. The facility is currently undergoing a large-scale renovation.

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    Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)

    This wonderful hospital is dedicated to first rate pediatric care and ground-breaking research. It is affiliated with The Ottawa Hospital as well as the Ottawa University medical program.

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    Montford Hospital

    This facility holds the distinction of being the only fully bilingual (English and French) hospital in all on Ontario. The hospital has recently undergone large-scale renovations and is home to the Department of National Defence's National Defence Medical Centre, treating all men and women who serve in the national armed forces.

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    Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre

    This facility is dedicated purely to mental health issues, serving Ottawa and the surrounding areas. The in-patient units include: Geriatrics, Schizophrenia, Mood and Anxiety, Substance Use. This hospital has a long-standing relationship as a teaching partner for the University of Ottawa.

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